Best SEO conferences 2020 - July to December


Search engine optimization became an integral part of marketing efforts around the globe. Marketers, developers, and business owners all over the planet are looking for ways to up their SEO game.

Staying on top of the latest developments allows marketing experts to tweak their SEO efforts and adjust them to the new reality. SEO conferences are a place where you can talk to the experts, find out about new tools, and learn something important for your efforts.

Even though COVID-19 adjusted the public events scene, SEO conferences are up and running. The majority of them have gone virtual, which didn’t affect their quality.

Let’s go over the best SEO events to attend between July and December 2020.

Why attend SEO conferences

SEO conferences give marketing professionals a priceless opportunity to:

  • Learn new skills – many conferences arrange training workshops during which you can learn new skills while watching industry experts at work.
  • Networking – thousands of SEO professionals attend conferences every year. It’s possible to meet other experts and make important connections.
  • Collaboration – conferences present an opportunity for collaboration for business leaders and marketing experts. It’s possible to find new leads.
  • Innovations – staying on top of the marketing game is hard due to the ever-changing landscape. At a conference, it’s possible to learn new trends, meet influencers, and discover new resources.
  • Competition – SEO conferences are a place where you can meet your competitors and ask them questions you’ve always wanted.
  • New ideas – SEO conferences can help you discover new ideas for your content marketing efforts.
  • Q&A – SEO events generally have Q&A sessions, during which you can ask industry experts about anything you’d like to know. Such interactivity brings valuable knowledge and triggers inspiration.

Offline SEO events

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many SEO conferences were postponed until 2021. Some decided to move to the digital space. The year 2020 offers SEO experts a unique opportunity to attend as many conferences as possible at a lower price than usual.

Event organizers focus on making virtual conferences as valuable and appealing to attendees as their regular counterparts. You’ll be able to participate in discussions, live Q&A sessions, networking arrangements, and much more.

Some conferences (mainly in Europe) are likely to be arranged in brick-and-mortar locations. However, since the situation with the pandemic is still unstable, you should watch for updates closely.

Top 10 SEO conferences 2020

In 2020, virtual events are prevailing. Let’s look at what you can attend without leaving the comfort of your own home.

1.Moz Con (Virtual)

Moz is one of the leading experts in the SEO industry. The company arranges SEO events every year. In 2020, the conference will be held online instead of the standard Seattle location.

At MozCon, you’ll learn about the state of the industry, discuss digital PR campaigns, join Birds of Feather discussion groups, hear about new marketing automation techniques, and much more.

If you don’t have the opportunity to attend the entire conference, the organizers offer full access to the videos after the con is over.

Dates: 14 -15 July

Cost: $129


2.Virtual Summit Series (E-commerce SEO)

If your focus is e-commerce SEO, you may benefit from visiting this virtual SEO event. Several speakers will discuss approaches to modern-life e-commerce issues, such as improving onsite user experience, new Google algorithms, discontinued products and SEO, and much more.

Summit will run only for one day so you don’t have to take too much time off work to dive into complex SEO issues and listen to the top experts. Special time will be provided for questions and discussions.

Dates: 14 August

Cost: Free


3.Search Con

This conference has gone virtual, but it may run offline (in Denver) as well. While attending this event, you’ll learn about the latest tips and tricks in digital marketing and SEO. A variety of industry experts (SEO, digital marketing, content marketing, and more) will offer their advice and forecasts.

This two-day conference (now in its 5th year) is expected to draw in over 200 experts in different digital marketing niches. You can gain valuable experience and make important industry connections.

Dates: 10 – 11 September

Cost: starting from $350, depending on whether you attend online or offline


4.#DMWF Virtual 2020

This two-day marketing conference can be helpful to SEO experts since it will explore the latest digital marketing tactics and strategy. It’s a great opportunity to share your knowledge while interacting with senior marketing leaders.

The conference will be featuring on-demand and live sessions. It’s designed to cater to marketers around the globe, who don’t have an opportunity to attend such events in person due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dates: 16 - 17 September

Cost: Free


5.FinCon Financial Freedom Summit

While this particular conference doesn’t focus directly on SEO, it’s an excellent event to attend for small business marketers. During the conference, you’ll be discussing social media marketing strategies, content marketing, and SEO tips.

The event focuses on bringing together content producers and writers in the financial industry. It can be an excellent summit to attend for financial content creators and marketers. The conference will feature some of the top digital content creators.

Dates: September 30 – October 3

Cost: starting from $250


6.Brighton SEO

This offline SEO event will take place in Brighton, UK. It will bring together some of the best SEO experts from the UK and beyond. Besides extensive lectures and interactive events, the conference will also feature SEO training courses.

Brighton SEO puts a special focus on networking. You can participate in the parties arranged by event organizers and sponsors. After the event is over, you can get access to recordings and podcasts to share them with your team.

Dates: 1-2 October

Cost: Starting from £235


7.PubCon Pro Las Vegas

This conference is expected to be arranged in Las Vegas, Nevada. Even though the majority of American events have gone virtual, this one may be running live. However, it’s important to follow the news in order not to miss any location changes.

The conference will feature masters training workshops, keynotes, main stage speakers, educational sessions (SEO, PPC, Content Marketing, SMM, and more), and site reviews.

Dates: 12- 15 October

Cost: TBA


8.Content Marketing World

Due to the pandemic, like many events, this conference has gone virtual. The event gives SEO experts and opportunity to grow, meet other professionals, learn how to build their teams, and focus on personal skills.

The event will include over 100 sessions as well as workshops and lectures offered by the leading SEO and content marketing experts. Before and after the event, you can take advantage of networking time.

The discussions will include the latest writing tips, website design issues, new trends to watch out for in 2021, binge marketing, and much more.

Dates: 13-16 October

Cost: Starting from $699


9.Virtual Summit Series (E-A-T)

This virtual conference will focus on E-A-T (Expertise, Authority, Trustworthiness) aspects of content creation. This event is arranged by the Digital Marketers Association. It can be highly beneficial for both beginners and experts in SEO.

Speakers will discuss the growing importance of value for Google algorithms and share the latest tactics to create high-quality content.

Just like the rest of these virtual events, the E-A-T conference runs for just one day. It can become an excellent resource for discovering the latest SEO tips and tricks while interacting with marketing professionals.

Dates: 16 October

Cost: Free


10.International Search Summit

The international search summit will be arranged at the World Trade Center in Barcelona, Spain. Even though the event will only run for one day, it will pack an impressive amount of information and opportunities for SEO experts from all over the world.

The speakers will focus on international SEO, localization, technical SEO, paid search, efficiency, outreach, conversions, analytics, and much more. It’s an excellent opportunity to meet SEO professionals from different countries and discuss international promotion tactics.

Dates: 12 November

Cost: Starting from €105


What is the best SEO conference in 2020?

It’s hard to say what the best SEO conference in 2020 will be. Since the majority of the events have moved online, you have an unprecedented opportunity to attend all of them at a fraction of a price.

Without the need to travel to different locations, SEO professionals can attend as many conferences as they wish from the comfort of their own home. Since such a chance may not repeat itself in the future, it may be a good idea to register for several SEO conferences this year.

Final thoughts

SEO professionals should be taking full advantage of the opportunities such conferences bring. From the chance to speak to the industry experts to gaining inspiration for content creation, these events can help you improve your SEO game, stay on top of the latest trends, and become an industry leader. 

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