Elementor and SEO: Is Elementor bad for SEO?


Hi guys! I have a website which was recently upgraded (from design and functionality perspective) by a web design company. And instead of Visual Composer they integrated Elementor page builder. I never worked with this builder and not sure if Elementor is bad for SEO or ok. Please share your opinions on Elementor and SEO. 

Hi. Elementor has some great features beneficial for SEO, but on the other side, there is one thing that you should keep in mind to avoid negative impact on your SEO.

Why Elementor is good for SEO

1) Elementor allows you to choose which tag to use for headings/sub-headings without affecting the style. It is recommended for SEO to wrap in h1 and h2 tags only headings which contain main focus keywords (or their variations), and use H tags with lower priority (h3-h6) or non-heading tags for other headings. Just imagine, that you have secondary heading (according to the structure of the content), but it doesn't have main focus keyword — with Elementor you can wrap it into
or non-heading tag, but for visitors it will looks as a secondary h2 heading.
​2) Elementor is faster than other visual page builders, and page speed is important for SEO

Why Elementor is bad for SEO?​

Elementor allows you to hide some sections (make them invisible), but these sections will be just hidden with CSS — it means that the content of these sections will be visible in the source code of the website. Keep this in mind, and try to avoid using this feature. Other page builders like Visual Composer or Divi resolved this issue long time ago, and if sections are hidden — they will not be displayed in the source code.