How many rows can I export with ahrefs?


Hey everyone. I need to export a lot of keywords to csv (very broad niche) and I don't know yet what tool to use but few years ago ahrefs was my number one choice because of the size of keywords database. Does anyone know how many rows I can export with ahrefs now?

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Hi. It depends on the plan that you are using. As you are talking about keyword research, the limitations of the Keyword Explorer component are the following:

Lite — 1000 rows per export (it means that you will be able to export only 1000 rows at one time), 200,000 rows per month

Standard — 5000 rows per export, 500,000 rows per month

Advanced — 25,000 rows per export, 2 million rows per month

Agency — 100,000 rows per export, 5 million rows per month 

As you can see the difference is big, so if your niche is really broad, you will need an ahrefs plan with high number of rows per export. Or if your budget is limited,  you will need to do multiple requests specifying qualifying queries. For example, for keyword «SEO», ahrefs has about 354,000 of keywords. And you will not be able to export all these keywords at one moment even with the most expensive Agency plan. But if you will search for «SEO services» — you will see, that there are only about 6000 keywords. And these keywords you can export easily with even Lite plan. Just think about how you can be more specific with queries.