Siteground & Google - Indexing request rejected


Hey everyone. I faced a strange issue. My website is hosted on Siteground hosting, and since yesterday when I am trying to submit reindexing request though Google Search Console I get a notification «Indexing request rejected — During live testing, indexing issues were detected with the URL». Also, my ads in Google Ads were suspended «Not eligible - Disapproved (Destination not working)». Can anyone help me? This is very urgent!

21:38 (edited)
Hi. The Siteground is now experiencing critical problems due to which the Google crawler cannot access the sites. This affects the Google Search Console, Google Ads, as well as the mobile-friendly test tool. Could you please try to check your website here —
We spoke to Siteground support yesterday and today, and unfortunately they can't give any estimate on when this issue will be resolved.

If your business is heavily dependent on traffic from Google, I would recommend considering migrating from Siteground to other hosting.

Please let me know what you will get after submitting your website to Google mobile-friendly test tool.
Hi Dmitriy. Thank you so much. I tried mobile friendly test, and I got this message:

Also, the homepage of my website completely gone from Google's index, and a lot of keywords disappeared from search.

What can I do here? This Siteground hosting is causing major problems and losses for my business.
Hi Dezerit. I am sorry to hear that.
From what we were able to find out from our investigation is that main DNS servers of Siteground are affected:

So if you website is using these Siteground DNS — you will have this problem with Google crawler.

I recommend to you to migrate your website to another hosting, as Siteground can't guarantee that this issue will be resoled soon, and considering the fact that your website is already suffering from this issue, you don't have time wait.

Let me know if you will need any additional help.