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There is an ongoing debate as to what is more important, content or search engine optimization? The truth is that the two are tied together. The best-written content will not attract traffic to your website if it is not optimized for SEO. Even a one-page SEO site can attract attention, so think quality, not quantity.

The leading engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo use crawling, indexing, and ranking to analyze web pages.

  1. Crawling refers to the search engine sending spiders to check out new code and content.
  2. Indexing is the process of the spider's results being stored so that they can be accessed in subsequent searches.
  3. The ranking affects the order your content is placed in a search. If your content has SEO optimization, it will be placed higher in the search results.

So when you type 'where is the best burger in town,' SEO optimization is what creates the subsequent list. Keep this in mind when you chose your WordPress Theme and create content for your website.

Consider using maps, images, and video to create dynamic content. Double-check that your links aren't broken. Multimedia can capture the attention of your visitors, keeping them on your site for longer.

SEOs are different than Digital Marketing in that SEO ranking is free of charge, but Digital Marketing often comes from paid advertising. From a financial perspective, why wouldn't you use an SEO-friendly WordPress theme for your website? It can generate free traffic that can result in future revenue.

Are WordPress Themes SEO-Friendly?

Simply put, they can be if you use the right ones. SEO-friendly WordPress themes will virtually turn on all of the lights for your website. Instead of your website sitting in a dark and dusty corner of the internet, it can get optimized for search engine rankings resulting in higher traffic.

WordPress is a good choice for your SEO website because it is a mature product with an abundance of free, reliable support. Here are a few examples of the support available:

  1. Research how to use a visual composer or page builder.
  2. Use the WordPress theme customizer page to create a virtual live customizer for your website.
  3. Fix WordPress formatting issues, including header styles.
  4. Get traffic to your site.
  5. Proofread content.
  6. Move from self-hosted WordPress to WordPress.com.
  7. Learn how to create customizable widgets.
  8. A WordPress forum if you can't find support on your issue.

Some users opt to hire an SEO agency to assist with creating SEO-friendly WordPress themes, but not everyone has the budget for this. Even if you are a small business, it is possible to create SEO-friendly WordPress themes without the help of marketing agencies. This article will help with this process.

What is an SEO-Friendly Theme?

SEO-friendly WordPress themes are those that can be accessed by any user at any time and will look good doing it. SEO-friendly WordPress themes will have a few common components.

  • The code will be clean and current.
  • Responsive design will be retina-ready.
  • Social media optimized for search engines.
  • The theme should be fast loading.
  • Navigation will be easy to use.
  • The theme will be mobile-friendly.

7 of the Best SEO-Friendly WordPress Themes

In 2021 it would be difficult to find WordPress themes that don't incorporate some SEO. A large part of good SEO is good code. WordPress as an organization inherently has good code. This is because they require coders to maintain a set of coding standards.

Improving the readability of code will help SEO because the spiders can then find and read the website content. All of the WordPress Themes below are included because they contain clean code and they load quickly. Review these seven SEO-friendly WordPress themes to see which one is the best fit for your website.

1. The Genesis Framework

Genesis Framework is one of the best SEO-friendly WordPress page builders. It boasts fast loading, fully responsive theme options. This versatile WordPress theme is easy to customize because you can add child themes while leaving the framework intact, ensuring you maintain clean code.

Many WordPress themes are built on the Genesis Framework because it is so well written. This page builder is usually recommended for users familiar with writing code. There are plugins available if one cannot code.

  • One-click Setup
  • Custom Widgets
  • Customizable Header
  • Mobile Responsive
  • SEO-Friendly WordPress Themes

2. Divi

This multipurpose WordPress theme has been designed, so you don't have to write code to build your website. User experiences are highly rated due to the convenient drag and drop page building capability. Ensure your website is SEO dynamic by using Slider Revolution with your Divi page builder.

Divi is a standalone page builder; it has pre-built layouts and child themes for a variety of websites.

  • Marketing Agencies
  • Real Estate
  • Restaurant or Food Bloggers
  • Legal Office
  • Photography
  • Ecommerce
  • Hair/Spa
  • SEO Agency
  • Medical Services
  • Construction

Whether you decide to use a pre-built or create your own theme, Divi promises to assist you in creating the best SEO-friendly website possible. Regular updates ensure your website will be current and dynamic.

3. Astra

This multipurpose theme boasts the largest library of pre-built websites. It is WooCommerce ready and will ensure your social media is blasted using SEO online marketing. The theme allows you to use the last updated date instead of the published date, keeping your content current.

Pre-built websites will help keep website design time to a minimum. As far as themes go, Astra wins in the lightweight category. This means your SEO WordPress site will have fast performance speed. Stay dynamic with the 700+ Google fonts and color options.

Astra has so much to offer; here are a few more features:

  • Optimized Code
  • Header and Footer Features
  • Multiple Layout Options
  • Schema Markups Integrated

4. Essence Pro

This WordPress SEO theme is customized toward health, wellness, and lifestyle websites. The one-click theme setup is elegant and simple to use. The theme is pre-built for WooCommerce ensuring you can set up your online store and start generating income quickly. The responsive design promises your website will always be optimized. Other features include:

  • Drag and Drop Feature Blocks
  • Custom Header Styles
  • Call to Action Capability
  • Fast Page Load Speed
  • Modern blogging SEO friendly

5. BeClinic

This SEO-ready multipurpose medical theme will boost your digital marketing. The theme offers a responsive and retina-ready design. Use the revolution slider and custom widgets to improve the user experience. BeClinic has multiple pre-built SEO friendly skins to choose from:

  • Clinic
  • Cosmetology
  • Kids Clinic
  • Psychology Clinic
  • Plastic Surgery
  • Dentist Clinic
  • Family Medicine
  • Medical Cosmetics
  • Medical Services
  • Medical Equipment Store
  • Laboratory
  • Veterinary
  • Nutritionist
  • Private Nursing
  • Rehabilitation
  • Pharmacy
  • Ophthalmologist
  • Maternity
  • Cannabis Store
  • Yoga Studio
  • Charity
  • Child Charity
  • Christian Church

6. Inspiro

This WooCommerce ready theme uses an SEO-friendly drag and drop page builder. The responsive design ensures your website will be mobile-friendly. Post your YouTube, Vimeo, or self-created videos and watch your SEO search results soar. Check out their one-click demos to see the magic in action.

This theme is unique because it is the only one to support video auto-play on mobile and tablet devices. Think of all the users that can access your video content without having to use a desktop computer. This is especially valuable in a time when mobile device usage is overtaking computers.

7. Dixie

This SEO WordPress theme for Podcasters is second to none. The layout options include support for over 900 Google fonts. Unlimited color options will make your site unique. Their demo content is uploadable in one click.

Dixie has pre-built their pages for what search engines like, but it has also been optimized for speed. Other features include:

  • Translation Friendly
  • Step-by-Step Assistance
  • Fully Customizable
  • One-Click Demo Installation

Final Thoughts on SEO-Friendly WordPress Themes

These WordPress themes will help you build an SEO-friendly website. Once chosen, you can focus on creating high-quality content to keep your site relevant and fresh.

When making your decision remember to consider your unique situation. If you need to learn code to create a site, this will result in a longer learning curve. If this is the case, consider a theme that doesn't require coding.

Even if you do code, you may consider choosing a WordPress theme that doesn't require coding to save time or even money if, eventually, you have to hire someone to help with content.

Consider your budget and whether or not you can recoup costs with a revenue-generating site. If you plan on hosting an eCommerce site, look for WooCommerce capability. If you want appointments or reservations to be booked online, be sure this has been integrated into the theme.

Once your site is up and running, keep in mind that user comments will affect SEO. Don't worry too much about the negative comments; these can happen to anyone. Focus on the positive comments and respond quickly to them.

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