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Sitebulb is a multifunctional tool for deep analysis of websites. The main component of the Sitebulbl is a powerful crawler that can crawl large websites - up to 500 thousand pages  even on a regular desktop (at we performed crawling of 489,000 pages without any significant problems). Crawler is able to fully render JavaScript, including popular front-end JS frameworks.

Sitebulb analyzes website pages on a number of parameters:

  1. Indexability
  2. On-page optimization
  3. Availability (HTTP response codes)
  4. Readiness for international SEO (hreflang tags)
  5. Duplicates: Title tags, H tags, content
  6. Security (Mixed HTTP/HTTPS content issues, potential forms vulnerabilities, issues with HTTP Headers, etc)
  7. Page Speed (Pagespeed Insigns)
  8. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) 
  9. And much more.

Sitebulb has a built-in hints system that allows you to not only detect problems, but also understand how to fix them.

Website Structure Visualization with Sitebulb

One of the important components of a Sitebulb is a website structure visualization system that allows you to effectively solve problems with internal linking, get rid of orphaned pages, and organize SILO clustering correctly.

The editorial team of uses the Sitebulb on a regular basis and our feedback on this tool is extremely positive. If you used the Sitebulb, please leave your review below.

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